I Believe in Pink  began with one woman’s painful journey and her best friend’s response to that journey – she joined… and recruited other friends… and family… and they recruited more….  The journey was painful but along the way, family and friends made the journey a little less painful.  In fact, these travelers decided to reach out to support others on a similar journey.   This is how the world should function every day.

I Believe in Pink  began with Stacy’s personal battle with breast cancer.  Her courage took over and her best friend Tracey sprang into action.  These two women turned adversity into hope by raising money for research and support for women afflicted with this potentially deadly disease.  For the past several years, family, friends and community members answered the call.  This grassroots fundraising effort has raised thousands of dollars which has been donated to various organizations, aiding victims of breast cancer and their families as well as funding for research.  In 2018, the three of us decided to make this mission official.  We have formed a non-profit organization called “I Believe in Pink”. 

I Believe in Pink is committed to assisting patients and their families with the overwhelming financial challenges that accompany breast cancer.  As Stacy can bear witness, the initial diagnosis is traumatic.  First thoughts are “Get it out of me!”  Secondary thoughts are the financial impact that accompanies this disease.  A breast cancer diagnosis is not just a chapter in one’s life; it is a book with several sequels.  After initial treatment, there are follow-up visits and constant testing to watch for reoccurrence and other health issues that often develop from complications.  Medical bills can be astronomical, even with insurance coverage.  Some lose time from work or their jobs, entirely.  The fact that a patient or a family will agonize over paying bills while fighting for their life, is unthinkable.  Our goal is to provide financial assistance for medical costs not covered by insurance, transportation to the utterly draining treatments, nutritional foods, household assistance, and specialty items such as bras and wigs.

I Believe in Pink  with your help, will generate awareness, inspire hope, and make a difference in as many lives as we can reach, who are impacted by this dreadful disease. 


Stacy Spera
Tracey Destribats
Denise Mariani